Chevy Crowdplay

Remodeling a live event experience for fans to play safely from home
Remodel the Chevy Crowdplay™ live event experience for virtual, off-location play on mobile and desktop
Project is still in progress as of 3/7/21
Project Type
3 months
UI Design, Prototyping, Dev Handoff


In 2020, 24G helped Chevy create a fun and interactive auto show experience known as Chevy Crowdplay™.

This year, I was a part of the team tasked with remodeling the Chevy Crowdplay experience for virtual, off-location play on both desktop and mobile.

Disclaimer: This is a project that I was assigned to in my graphic design role at 24G. I am not affiliated with Chevy or GM in any other way.

My Role & Responsibilities

As a member of the UX/UI team at 24G, my responsibilities for this project included helping define the user flow, determining the visual design, creating a prototype, preparing assets for development handoff, and conducting a design quality assurance test.

User Flow

My first task in this design process was to take the information given to me by the project manager and create a visual for the user flow. I did this to get a better idea of how exactly the existing product would need to be adjusted. I laid out all of the screens they thought we needed and filled in any gaps.

The user flow for the new Chevy Crowdplay experience that users can play from the comfort of their own homes via desktop or mobile.

Visual Design

Once I had the user flow set, I started creating the new screens based off of the previous year’s design. Below are the major adjustments that needed to be made in order for the gameplay to work for users to play virtually rather than at the live event.

Onboarding Experience

Previously there was no desktop interface and the mobile one relied on the host to get started and run the games, so an onboarding experience was needed for both desktop and mobile.


At the live event, a visual timer bar was displayed on the big screen. This feature was added at the top of the new desktop and mobile experiences so that everyone playing individually could know how much time they have to answer each question.


In the original Chevy Crowdplay, a leaderboard was shown on the big screen at the end of each game. I designed this version of the leaderboard to be incorporated in the virtual desktop and mobile experiences.

Development Hand-Off

I prototyped the desktop and mobile flows in Adobe XD and created an inspectable links for the developers. I also provided them with all of the digital assets such as the car images and icons.

Design QA

The final step in this design process was to conduct a quality assurance test. I reviewed the site as it was in production to ensure it matched the prototype and was good to send to the client for review. The client came back with a few comments and concerns.

One piece of feedback was that it wasn’t clear enough which was the correct and incorrect answers in the trivia game. I quickly added icons to the designs to help visually set the two apart.

This is now the final design of the virtual Chevy Crowdplay experience.

Final Prototype

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