Detroit Music Fest

Branding and app design for local music festival
Create original designs for a fictional music festival called “Detroit Music Fest”. Include a poster, app screens, and style guide.
A unique brand designed to stand out against other music event promo materials in Detroit. Deliverables included a bus stop poster, billboard, and an event app with light and dark mode.
Project Type
2 weeks
Logo Design, Branding, App UI, Prototyping

Event app

With the subtly playful logo in white against the eye-catching pink, the Detroit Music Fest poster succeeds in grabbing people’s attention. The gradient background element carries over onto the festival’s mobile app, where it’s converted to a blue variation on the slide-out navigation.

The app was designed with the user in mind — from the countdown and news being the first thing they see on the homepage, to the clean and simple navigation menu that can take users to any other information they’re looking for in no more than three taps. It also features a light and dark mode.

Detroit Music Fest app screens in light mode
Detroit Music Fest app screens in dark mode


Detroit Music Fest, a hypothetical first-time event, was in desperate need of promotional materials that could stand out against the many music event advertisements throughout the city. It needed a logo that could work across various platforms and at all sizes, from mobile to billboard.

Detroit Music Fest billboard
Detroit Music Fest poster at a bus stop

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